Sunday, 23 June 2013

Old and dusty actions

Recently a challenge was started on the GTD Connect forums surrounding "old and dusty" actions.  I'm sure we all have these lurking in whatever system we are using to organise our lives - those items that have been sitting on the list for far too long and, for some reason, just haven't been done.  The thread was a great nudge for me to get going on some items that had been going stale on my lists for longer than I would like to admit!  Months in some cases! 

The silly thing was that once I sat down and just got on with it, the tasks actually didn't take that long and weren't as difficult as I had imagined.  It's amazing how often an item can grow in your mind into a far bigger deal than it really is.  Taking that step to "just do it" is often not easy but once finished it can give such relief.  I was surprised how much some of those relatively innocuous items had been gently annoying me and it felt great to tick them off as done. 

Do you have an item that has been silently nagging at you?  Go for it, do it and get some relief!!